The catalogue published on the occasion of this exhibition is bilingual and consists of two volumes.

The first of these contains exhaustive source material on the works in the exhibition (and beyond). Many of these documents are being published here for the first time.

The second volume contains critical commentary in the form of articles and an interview. The contributions focus on individual bodies of works. Juliane Debeusscher's text examines the Americans 64 of the Museum of American Art displayed at the Venice Biennial 2005, while Branislav Dimitrijevi c reflects upon the Kunsthistorisches Mausoleum in Belgrade. Kim Levin discusses the Salon de Fleurus and Katherine Dreier's lecture on Mondrian 63-96 in New York. Slobodan Mijuskovi c examines the International Exhibition of Modern Art in Belgrade in 1986. The catalogue also contains an interview that Beti Z erovc made with Walter Benjamin at the presentation of the Museum of American Art's collection Americans 64 at the Venice Biennale 2005.

The present catalogue's layout corresponds to the design of the publication What is Modern Painting , published by the New York MoMA in 1948.

Inke Arns, Walter Benjamin (eds.)
What is Modern Art? (Group Show)
A publication of the Museum of American Art (MoAA)
Revolver – Archiv für aktuelle Kunst, Frankfurt am Main 2006

Vol. 1: ISBN 3-86588-297-8 (source material)
116 pages, 19 x 25,5 cm, ca. 110 colour ill.

Vol. 2: ISBN 3-86588-298-6 (critical edition)
96 pages, 19 x 25,5 cm, b/w

– in slipcase –
in the exhibition: 35 €

Inke Arns: Tripping into Art (Hi)Stories: Genealogy and/as Fiction. On the exhibition “What is Modern Art? (Group Show)” (PDF 400 kB)

Authors: Inke Arns, Walter Benjamin, Juliane Debeusscher, Branislav Dimitrijevic, Kim Levin, Slobodan Mijuskovic, Beti Zerovc

Design: Novi kolektivizem, Ljubljana

Publisher: Revolver
Archiv für aktuelle Kunst
Fahrgasse 23, D-60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany,

Vol 1: ISBN 3-86588-297-8
Vol 2: ISBN 3-86588-298-6